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Hitting Sales Target in 2019 and 2020

This blog is written by a good friend of mine, and world-leading sales expert, trainer, and coach, Niraj Kapur.

Your team is under pressure to drive sales within your organisation… to hit targets for 2019 while trying to generate pipeline for 2020.

62% of salespeople/account managers and 75% of business owners will FAIL to hit their target.

When targets are not hit, it can put your job at risk and causes redundancies in your business.

To avoid this failure and to deliver success, your sales team/account managers/business development staff needs three things.

1. Sales knowledge.

2. Accountability.

3. A purpose.

I speak to salespeople every day. Here are examples of what they’re struggling with.

1. LinkedIn

Most people don’t use LinkedIn properly because they sell too quick or fail to engage with their connections. Hire Dan Disney today, he’s UK’s no. 1 social selling expert for a reason.

2. Getting a Positive Response to Emails

People are busier than ever and getting a reply from emails is hard. With 80% of emails read on Smartphones, keep it brief. No attachments unless you know the person. Talk about the value you are offering and how you help. Don’t talk about your awards or company history, nobody cares. Have a PS at the end, it will increase your rate of reply by 70%.

3. Video

It’s harder than ever to get noticed. Video gets 6 times more recognition than written content. Use subtitles on LinkedIn since most people watch videos with sound off. A lighting kit with mic is only £200, approx. $250. The big names can shoot while walking or from the car. For everyone else, it looks amateur.

4. Mental Health Problems

This is becoming a serious issue in business. Salespeople and business owners are affected most. I’ve overcome this and helped others. There are 3 key steps. Nutrition. Mindset. Heartset.

5. Making Sales

Developing a relationship. Give value. Ask Questions. Recommend. Support. This leads to a sale and is always more effective long-term than a transaction.

6. Not Closing Enough Deals

The more open questions you ask and the more you listen, the further you progress a sale. There are techniques and ways to do this that I share. Closing deals is easier than you think. Opening and engaging with clients is harder than you think. Focus on the latter

7. Collect Testimonials

Name, Job Title and Company Name are vital to show credibility. Effective Examples are below.

“In a short period of time, Niraj made a positive impact on our results.”

Wesley Etan, Vice President

“I recommend Niraj if you work in sales, but also if you work in business to sharpen your skills.”

Suzanne Hadley, HR Manager, Sainsbury’s

“Niraj’s sessions are practical with a strong actionable follow-up plan. I would not hesitate to recommend his services”

Tom Turnbull Sales Director, Lyonsdown

To learn more sales tips and techniques – and to understand the importance of accountability and purpose, contact me today: or

Niraj Kapur is an expert sales coach and trainer. He has recently trained Barclays, Sainsbury's and over 100 SME’s and entrepreneurs. His book Everybody Works in Sales is an Amazon bestseller

In his free time, he’s a rock drummer, ambassador for Milton Keynes Hospital and grows a ridiculous moustache every year for Movember.

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