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The BEST Tech For Sales Teams 2023

There is A LOT of technology and software available for sales teams right now which creates one big question, which one should you use?

Which CRM?

Which sales engagement?

Which revenue intelligence?

Which sales enablement?

We've seen and used most of them, and they all have their features and benefits. The biggest tip we would give is to look at which tools and platforms are best for YOU, for YOUR business in YOUR industry.

You're in luck though as there is SO MUCH information available online for 99% of the tools out there.

When you've read through that information, you're then usually able to get a free demo of each tool and often a free trial as well.

Here at The Daily Sales we work alongside the best sales tools out there and have the choice of who we work with. Today we'd like to share our top pick of sales tools and software that we recommend you look at, try and use.

Some of these are our partners, some are not, but they are all rated highly by us and the many, many sales teams using them.

If you're looking for tools to help you and your teams sell more we'd highly recommend checking out our amazing partners here at The Daily Sales (if you'd like to become a Daily Sales partner please email

Here is the BEST tech for sales teams in 2022:

Pipedrive CRM - The best CRM out there, built by salespeople for salespeople. Rated number 1 CRM in software reviews, 4.5 star rating for ease of use, 93% customer support satisfaction, $85B in closed deals for their 100,000+ users and absolutely PACKED with features that will help your sales team sell more.

As its name suggests, this CRM solution visualizes your pipeline and shows you which activities you need to perform to move leads forward and get more deals closed. Pipedrive is highly customizable and can be integrated with many other tools in your sales stack.

You can try Pipedrive CRM completely free for 30-days and if you follow this link you'll also get 20% discount on your first year - Find out more

Outreach - The best sales engagement and intelligence platform helping your sales teams sell better and sell more. The Outreach Sales Execution Platform helps teams prospect more efficiently, improve sales execution, proactively fix deal risks and win more predictably. With companies like Zoom, DocuSign, Snowflake and more using Outreach, you know it must be food - Find out more

Gong - The number one platform for revenue teams giving you real-time insights into sales conversations. Gong gives your teams and leadership complete visibility into all deals, team performance, and market changes to help you know for sure what is actually coming down the pipeline each month - Find out more

(You can also download Gong's 7-point pipeline review checklist for free right here)

Dooly - Automate note taking and helps guide your sales teams to more closed deals. Dooly helps automate the admin work reps waste much time on so that they can spend more time selling! - Find out more

Seamless.AI - Gives your sales team direct access to B2B decision makers with their 10-step AI engine researching and verifying emails and direct dials in real-time. Find out more

RepVue - The place where salespeople can RATE their companies and find out how companies are rated by the salespeople working there. It takes just 2-minutes and is completely anonymous to rate your company on RepVue, and any time you're thinking of applying or interviewing for a sales role, check out how they're rated on RepVue first - Find out more

Bigtincan - The smartest sales enablement tool helping take your buyers experience to a whole new level. Bigtincan is a powerful Platform with three core Hubs: Learning, Content, and Engagement. Each Hub has a suite of smart sales enablement tools, which can be easily adapted to your unique business needs - Find out more

Reachdesk - Send personalised gifts to your prospects and customers to help win more deals and stand out from the crowd. Find out more

Chili Piper - The most advanced qualifying, routing and booking software used by the top B2B revenue teams out there. Find out more

Vidyard - Hands down the best tool for creating and sending super personalised and super effective video messages to prospects - Find out more

LinkedIn Sales Solutions - Take LinkedIn to the next level with advanced searching, list building, unique insights, InMails and more with Sales Navigator (the premium version of LinkedIn) - Find out more

Clari - Using AI and data science, Clari provides insights on prospects readiness to buy, giving your team a smart window to make precise assessments and take action - Find out more

GetAccept - GetAccept automates your deal signing process by combining document tracking, e-signing, and automated email follow-ups into a single platform. Similar to marketing automation tools, the service comes with a clean dashboard that lets you see how deals are progressing across your business and which actions you need to take to accelerate the process. Find out more

If you're using any (or multiple) of these tools let us know in the chat box! Let us know what tech stack you're currently using, or if you're going to try one (or more) of these ones.

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