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The Secrets Of The ELITE Salespeople

Whether you call them the best, the elite, the 1%, there are salespeople at every company that are THE top sellers...

They are the ones who always hit their targets, the ones who win awards and the ones earning the biggest commissions. Are you ready for a truth bomb though?

They ARE doing things differently to most sellers

Today we are going to reveal their secrets so that YOU can start to sell more and maybe this month, this quarter or even this year, join the club and become one of the BEST salespeople yourself.

Let's dig in...

1) They have a BIG secret that makes closing sales significantly easier for them...

Ask most salespeople and they'll say that closing is their biggest challenge. Yet the BEST salespeople, the top 1%, seem to have no trouble closing sales. The secret?

They do 2 simple things, firstly they qualify HARD. They master understanding who their ideal customers are and how to find them. The research and ask the right questions early on to ensure their time is spent on prospects who are a lot more likely to convert.

Secondly, they close early, not late. They don't wait until the end to close, they are closing from the start, managing expectations and ensuring their prospects fully understand what is in it for them.

2) They know the difference between the FRIEND zone and the SALE zone...

The best salespeople completely understand the importance of building relationships in sales. After all most of their customers end up being long term customers who bring referrals and continued business.

However what they are masters at is understanding the difference between the friend zone and the sale zone. Many salespeople focus TOO MUCH on building relationships and trying not to be a "salesperson" that they end up making friends with prospects who will never buy from them. Sure they'll enjoy talking to them, but they don't have the confidence or trust to buy from you.

The best sellers understand how to build rapport whilst ALSO building trust and credibility as a professional and as someone who understands their industry, position and product.

3) They use the BEST tools and technology available to them...

You can be one of the best salespeople in the world, but if you don't have the right tools and technology, you'll still struggle to reach your full potential. Look at Lewis Hamilton, one of the best F1 drivers out there, struggling right now with his car. Give him the right car and he can make magic happen.

The same applies to sales, the BEST salespeople seek out and utilise the best tools available to help them be as efficient, effective and successful as possible. Tools like Gong to listen and analyse cold calls, tools like Outreach to automate their simple tasks and free up more time to sell, and tools like Pipedrive CRM, the CRM literally built for the best salespeople out there to help them sell better. Tools like Pipedrive are packed with features to make selling as easy and smooth as possible for salespeople, helping them sell better and sell more.

You can actually try Pipedrive CRM completely free for 30-days right here, and you'll find a little more information at the end of this article.

4) They send messages and emails differently to 99% of salespeople right now...

This is one of the craziest differences between the elite salespeople and most salespeople, and it's crazy because it's so simple and obvious.

Most salespeople (and you can ask any decision maker to verify this) send spammy, non-personalised sales pitch messages and emails. Do they work? No. Will most salespeople stop sending them? Probably not anytime soon.

So what do the BEST salespeople send? Well, it's simple. They send highly-personalised conversation starting messages to highly qualified people. The result? More responses that create more conversations that create more opportunities and pipeline.

For example:

Instead of "Hi my name is Steve, work for ABC Software and we provide cost-cutting efficiency improving software for blah blah blah..."

Try "Hi Sarah, I believe our software might be able to both save you money and help your team save time as well by..."

Switch the focus of your messaging from "this is what I'm selling" to "this is how I think I can help you".

5) They're not scared of making calls or sending videos...

It's probably no surprise to hear that the best salespeople aren't afraid of making calls, but the best of the best...

They embrace, learn and master all forms of selling, which now includes sending voice notes, sending video emails, sending video messages, sending gifts, any and every method or platform available that can help them reach their ideal prospects.

No excuses, no avoiding them, just pure drive to be as successful as possible using what ever tools they can to do so.

6) They adapt and LEARN from each conversation...

The TOP salespeople make mistakes, they're only human. What separates them from everyone else is they'll rarely make the same mistake twice. They learn from every single prospect and customer interaction to continuously evolve and grow. Each call, each email, each meeting, it all makes them better.

They listen to their calls with call recording software, they review their emails, they look at what's delivering the best results, and what isn't.

And that's just some of the secrets that the BEST salespeople use to be incredibly successful.

The BEST salespeople need the best CRM to ensure their efforts and activities are turned into pipeline and sales...

That's why we recommend Pipedrive, one of the world's best CRM's used by over 100,000+ companies in 179 countries. You can try it for free right here. The best sales managers choose Pipedrive because it is DESIGNED for sales teams and has been voted the easiest to use CRM.

They normally offer 14-day free trial but if you follow one of our links in this newsletter you'll be able to get an extended 30-day free trial and as a bonus, if you choose to use Pipedrive after your trial, you'll get 20% discount on your first year (that's a pretty amazing offer if we're honest!).

If you're potentially interested in trying Pipedrive out, we have a few extra resources that might help:

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