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Thursday June 8th 2023
6 Things EVERY Sales Manager Should Be Doing In 2023 
10:00am UK time

Are you a sales leader or are you working to become one in 2023? Well, in this webinar, The Daily Sales Founder and experienced sales leader, Daniel Disney will be digging into 6 things EVERY sales manager should be doing. 

From sales hiring tips, motivational team meeting tips, to what can help you get your team making more calls, this email will help you understand what is CRUCIAL for sales leaders in 2023 to get the absolute best out of their team.

The webinar will cover:

- How to find the BEST sales talent in 2023

- How to get your team making more cold calls

- How to run MOTIVATIONAL team meetings virtually and in-person

- Top tips to run MEMORABLE SKO's

& MORE! 


Thank You! You will recieve details for joining to your email soon



The webinar will be LIVE and the webinar will be recorded, so if you can't make the date and time, as long as you register a place you'll get a full recording straight after!

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