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Equipment Dealers FINALLY Get The Right Sales Tool They Need

Sales is absolutely full of tools and technologies right now. CRM’s, enablement platforms, engagement platforms, automation, AI, insight tools, the list is ever growing.

Whilst this is an amazing time to work in sales, and many of these tools can help you and your business sell better than ever before, it can also become technology overload and finding the right software for your sales process can easily become an exhausting process.

One of the biggest challenges that many salespeople face is that you end up having to spend time and energy focussing on the systems and software themselves, rather than using one (sometimes multiple systems) as a power-up tool for your sales process.

You then add the extra challenge of “why is this so difficult to use?” and before you know it you are using excel spreadsheets and sticky notes. You can find very quickly that the question “is there a better way to do this?” follows you around whilst trying to build and close big deals.

As most salespeople will know however, each industry's sales process is unique in its own way, particularly when it comes to selling anything BIG like heavy equipment. The problem is, most CRM systems are built for the majority of industries and so your sales process is forced to stay in one lane and then, when you have “add-ons” or “last minute changes” to your deal, it can easily get stuck.

The best salespeople wrap a solution around the problem and build relationships. The skill of a salesperson is not based on how good you are changing stages in a CRM.

Arrow” is the all-in-one deal machine built for salespeople to power up their sales process. Finally, a better way to CRM that gives salespeople a tool built for their BIG deals. You can now, intuitively use your smartphones to manage and close deals anytime, anywhere. The platform allows users to scroll their private, interactive feed full of available inventory, create and send quotes in seconds as well as create chat groups so different departments can move deals across the finish line and remain in-the-loop.

“Arrow” Co-Founder and COO, Logan Murphy says

I have rebuilt Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Zoho, you name it, and whilst they are all great CRM’s... they lack the basic understanding of who the true users of a CRM are…it's the salesperson. Unlocking the salesperson from the constraints of data upload and repetitive actions has compounding positive effects on all businesses

Our advice?

If you work in equipment sales, check out “Arrow” the better way to CRM. It's the first BIG deal CRM built using salespeoples feedback and putting the salesperson first. It is already helping many equipment dealerships globally to sell equipment better than ever before.

Email for more info or call (425) 728 0081

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