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15 Sales & Prospecting Tips & Tricks 💪

Today we're bringing 15 X BIG sales and prospecting tips and tricks to help you and your sales teams not only finish the year strong, but build momentum for next year.

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Let's jump straight into this one...

1. Keep your email subject lines under seven words - that’s the max that’ll show up on a phone, where almost half of prospects open messages 📧

2. Maintain a 2:1 ratio of info to feedback - for every two benefits you give the prospect, ask a question confirming you’re on the right track 👍

3. Listen to an energizing song before you make calls so you sound upbeat and engaged, not tired or checked-out 🎧

4. Get your prospect to smile or laugh if possible, as research shows it’s harder to say “No” while you’re grinning 🤣

5. Flattery works, so compliment the prospect on a recent company achievement or personal success 😊

6. Schedule time for prospecting each and every day -- even on the last day of the month or quarter ⏱️

7. Don’t start thinking about what you’re going to say next – listen to the prospect well enough that you can almost feel their own emotions 👂

8. Do a Pipeline Audit – Your time is hugely valuable so wasting time on opportunities that won’t convert will cost you a lot. Do regular full pipeline audits and make sure your focus and time is spent on opportunities that are more likely to convert 🧠

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9. Create Excitement – One of the best ways to help drive your customers to buy is to create excitement. Get them excited about your product, get them excited about your offer, get them excited by the opportunity to buy 🤩

10. Study Success, there is a high chance there is a person or group of people in your team, company or industry who are hitting target. Find them and study them, see what they do that works and learn. If they can hit target so can you 💪

11. Once you get off the phone with someone, send a follow up email ASAP to ensure it doesn't slip through the cracks ⏲️

12. You can use a sales script, but be prepared to go off-script -- your prospects want to talk to a real person, not a robot 🤖

13. Identify the words and adjectives the buyer uses, then use those same words to create a subconscious connection 🤝

14. Sell Value Over Price – People buy when they see that the value outweighs the price so make sure you sell that more. Don’t get caught pushing discounts and savings but push the value it offers them and show them that it far outweighs the price they pay 💵

15. Research shows the top salespeople are resilient, empathetic, and ambitious -- so focus on honing those characteristics 😎

There you go, 15 BIG sales tips to help you and your sales teams today!

Don't forget we're looking for YOUR top tips for our next newsletter article, simply add it into the comments on this one and we'll screenshot the best ones (including credit to you) in our next article.

Right, we hope you've enjoyed this article!

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