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10 Reasons Salespeople Love Pipedrive CRM

I was speaking to a CEO of a large global company today and the conversation moved into "I'm struggling to get my sales team to actually use our CRM".

They're using Salesforce, which whilst it is a great CRM, it does come with its challenges. I should know, I used Salesforce for my team of 150 sales reps a few years back.

Now I'm trying to suggest any other CRM is bad, they all have their pros and cons. What I do know is that for salespeople and sales teams especially, Pipedrive is definitely one of (if not the) best CRM out there.

Why? Well, I'm going to share 10 reasons in this article, but let's also put it this way:

Pipedrive CRM is the CRM built BY salespeople FOR salespeople. It has been designed to help salespeople and sales teams sell, it's that simple.

With Pipedrive you're able to create individual profiles for each prospect and track all of your interactions with them throughout the sales funnel (all calls, emails, SMS messages etc)

Here are 10 of the best features that salespeople love (from the 100,000+ companies that currently use Pipedrive) :

(by the way I'm currently building a FREE guide for all salespeople/sales teams on how to use Pipedrive and get the most out of it. If you'd like first access when it's done just email If you'd like to try Pipedrive for free you can get an extended 30-day free trial here)

1) Activities Overview

Pipedrive makes it clear and simple to see everything you have going on each week through their activities overview. From calls, to meetings, to follow ups and more.

Stuart Dunbabin from Ditly said: “When booking an activity, Pipedrive shows an overview of your existing activities in a mini hour-by-hour grid format for that day.”

“This allows you to squeeze in sales calls between other activities on busy days meaning you never double book and can maximize the time you have available in your working day.”

“Surprisingly, very few CRM tools have this functionality which is why Pipedrive was the very best solution for us.”

2) Customisable Dashboard

The dashboard is SO EASY to use and makes it crystal clear on how you're month/quarter/year is going. Success in sales comes to those who own their business, who own their pipeline, and Pipedrive's dashboard makes this as easy as possible.

3) Customisable Email Templates

Writing sales emails can be difficult, and you’ll waste hours of valuable time by re-writing the same thing for each individual prospect. The email templates included with Pipedrive can be very beneficial when creating your email marketing strategies.

Not only is there a whole host of amazing templates, Pipedrive also makes it easy to link emails to specific deals or leads, schedule emails to go out at a certain date/time and so much more.

4) Pipedrive Scheduler

This is one of my personal favourites as before using Pipedrive, I had to have a subscription for Calendly to have an online calendar platform, but with Pipedrive it's INCLUDED!

This means I can send a simple link from Pipedrive to prospects and customers which will allow them to book meetings into my calendar, also syncing with Zoom/Teams so it creates the meeting on their as well.

This saves me A LOT of time and makes the process a lot easier for my customers.

5) Revenue Forecast

Forecasting is critical for successful selling and important for your sales team to understand what they're likely to hit based on the information they put in (pipeline, past conversion rates etc).

Pipedrive make it super simple to see what you're likely to hit monthly and yearly so they know what they're likely to achieve and can so act upon it.

6) Tracking Customer/Prospect Communication

With Pipedrive you can see ALL communication with each prospect/customer which helps you recognise contacts that need updating, following up and also shows you previous conversations before you start each new one so you can see where you left it.

You can ALSO keep track of social selling efforts as well. I created a video on how to do it, but you can create sections to track LinkedIn messages, InMail's and more, making it even clearer to see everything you're doing to win business.

7) Visual Pipeline (Customisable)

For most companies this is a game changer, a fully visible and customisable visual pipeline that shows all opportunities at each stage of the process (which can be customised to your exact sales process).

At a simple glance salespeople can see how many opportunities need to be qualified, need to make contact, are booked for demos, have proposals outstanding and more. You can have as many stages as you need and it is by far one of the most visual and easy to use pipelines out there.

8) Workflow Automation

Pipedrive makes it super easy to automate processes for your sales teams. Whether it's automatically creating activities, sending emails or more, Pipedrive is built to help your salespeople and sales teams SAVE TIME.

The best part is they are not made to be complex or complicated, they're actually really easy and simple to use (which means your salespeople will actually use them!).

9) Logging Lead Ins

You can easily see leads in Pipedrive which helps your salespeople keep completely on top of their opportunities and pipeline.

Alex Cascio says the team at Vibrant Media Productions “love the ability to use Pipedrive in a simplified format for logging “lead-ins” and the full customization of our sales process.”

“It’s lead to us closing deals as we can easily see everything laid out, and we never miss a follow-up!”

10) App Market Place

As if Pipedrive wasn't already amazing, they also have a HUGE marketplace for apps to enhance it even further. These include Zoom, Teams, Slack, Outplay, QuickBooks and so many more.

There are also some amazing LinkedIn & social selling apps, LinkPort is one of my favourites that automatically imports peoples contact details from LinkedIn directly into Pipedrive!

Why not give Pipedrive a try, completely free, for 30-days? See for yourself just how great it is.

If you personally don't like it, it won't have cost you anything.

If you DO like it, well by following this link and starting your trial, you'll ALSO get 20% discount on your first year.

It's a win-win.

As I said at the start, if you'd like first access to a free guide for salespeople on how to use Pipedrive and all of it's features, simply let us know at I will include video tutorials and more.

We hope this article has helped and we hope you and your sales teams enjoy using Pipedrive!

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